Top transferable job skills to become a foster carer


Ever wondered what jobs would put you in good stead for becoming a foster parent through transferable skills? Luckily, we’ve compiled a handy list. As well as this, we’ve highlighted the skills which are desirable for new foster carers to obtain – giving you more intricate knowledge about what is required of a career in foster care.

What is deemed as ‘relevant experience’ for fostering?

If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer, part of the assessment process will require you to provide evidence of having relevant experience. However, contrary to popular belief, this experience doesn’t always have to be childcare specific. In fact, there are many careers which provide opportunities for picking up transferable job skills to become a foster carer.

Careers and roles which provide fostering experience

Of course, childcare related roles would naturally provide you with a level of experience with children. However, regarding transferable skills from other industries, some examples of the types of careers and job roles which can provide transferable job skills to become a foster parent include:

·        Nurse

·        Teacher

·        Teaching assistant

·        Police officer

·        Prison officer

·        Carer

·        Caring assistant

·        Social worker

·        Volunteer for children’s groups

If you have worked in any of these fields, or similar fields and industries to these giving you experience managing/caring for children, you will likely be able to provide evidence of transferrable skills for fostering during your application process.

However, it’s important to note that even if you haven’t had experience in these job sectors, this will not stop you from fostering. There are many attributes and skills that a foster parent must exhibit – but it’s likely you’ll have been able to gain these transferable skills in many other work roles, as well as general life experience.

Skills which are desirable for new foster carers

As well as the basic fostering requirements, if you are thinking of becoming a foster carer, you will also need to demonstrate attributes in terms of your character. Some of the desirable transferable skills fostering assessors look for include:

·        Patience

·        Teamwork

·        Empathy

·        Compassion

·        Understanding

·        Communication

·        Cooperation

·        Understanding space

The foster career personality requirements are explained in more detail through our guide ‘fostering as a career’ – learn more to find out if you have the foster carer personality.

Once you have applied to become a foster carer, you will have the opportunity to attend the Skills to Foster training course – which, originally developed by the Fostering Network, helps to raise awareness about what is required of a foster carer, allowing you to understand more about the desirable personality skills for the role.

Foster parent skills

In short, there are many job roles out there that you could be doing which possess highly relevant transferable job skills to become a foster parent. The positive impact these roles can have on your ability to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children should not be ignored – meaning you do not necessarily require ‘childcare’ experience itself to foster.

For more information on foster parent skills required during the assessment process, get in touch with a member of our team now. Alternatively, read up on how to apply to become a foster carer now.

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