Christmas Traditions Brought by Foster Children

13th December, 2023

The festive period can be a busy and exciting time for the fostering family, and Christmas traditions are always a fun way of celebrating. We caught up with some of Capstone Foster Care’s fostering families to learn some of the Christmas traditions that are a result of foster children coming into the household.

Christmas Traditions

Our foster carer Jeanette has a very special Christmas tradition of crafting a spectacular tunnel, decorated to rival any John Lewis display (trust us – we’ve seen it) where she hides Christmas presents which the children hunt for.

“They have so much fun finding each other’s gifts.”

Jeanette encourages a little bit of festive indulgence, and the children are allowed whatever they want for breakfast on Christmas morning, even if it’s chocolate or ice cream. We think it’s incredible how much magic Jeanette’s household brings.

We love asking these types of questions because we always find out so many wonderful things that our fostering families are doing to make this time of year special for the children in their households.

Whether it’s buying a new decoration for each child every year – marking another year as part of the family (that one brought a tear to our eye). Or having a personalised bauble to add to the Christmas tree, making it the ‘family tree’. To giving back to the local community by dressing up as elves and volunteering at Santa’s grotto for disabled children – what a wholesome thing to do as a family.

Celebrating Christmas with Different Cultures.

When we were talking to our team about Christmas traditions we were floored by our foster carer, Meron’s response. She does fantastic work with unaccompanied minors, many of which are of a Muslim faith, and she had some incredible tips about introducing some Christmas magic to them.

“When you're introducing Muslim youth to traditional Christmas celebrations and you're not practicing Muslim, it's really important to be kind and respectful. First, try to understand and respect their Muslim background and learn about their customs. Talk openly about Christmas, focusing on the fun things like decorations and family time instead of the religious parts. Share info in a way that talks about traditions without getting too deep into religion, using words that include everyone and make Christmas seem like a celebration for everyone.

 If you're decorating for Christmas, ask them to join in; many young people like doing this and make them part of the family and celebration.

Let them choose how much they want to be part of Christmas activities and encourage them to share their own cultural traditions. Think about what they can eat, making sure the special meals match their Muslim faith. When giving gifts, pick neutral ones that respect their beliefs, without any religious symbols. Create a friendly environment that talks about love and togetherness, going beyond religious differences.

 Clearly communicate that participation in Christmas activities is optional, respecting their comfort. During Eid celebrations, try to learn about their religion and, if possible, participate in fasting.

This shows genuine interest in understanding the young person's faith and beliefs.

 Finally, provide a space for reflection, allowing them to think about and share their thoughts on this new experience. By being kind and inclusive, foster carers can ensure that the introduction to traditional Christmas celebrations is positive and enjoyable for Muslim youth in their care.”

Merry Christmas all.

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