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N is becoming a lovely, kind young man

N has come a long way and is now being celebrated for his kindness and generosity. 

Being a Foster Carer is about making a difference to the lives of the children you care for.

Sometimes carers do this without even realising. We recently received a message from a social worker based in the East Midlands who wanted to celebrate one of her looked after children and the generosity and kindness they had shown to others.

N was first placed with his carer 6 years ago with when he was only 3 years old. When he first arrived, he didn’t speak, didn’t have routine and boundaries and, needed support to recognise how to keep himself safe.

N experienced difficulties settling into his last school and experienced a lot of bullying. His foster carer recently supported him to move to a new school where he’s doing exceptionally well.

Since starting in September, N has received star of the week on three occasions and when his carer speaks to his teachers, she’s always told it’s because he’s a polite, kind and caring young man who supports others.

When N sees homeless people, while out shopping, he always asks his carer to go into the shop to buy sandwiches or something else for them eat. His carer has been extremely touched at his kindness to others and a recent event really touched her.

N was talking with his carers about some family friends of theirs who had recently started fostering for Capstone.  This family had young children placed with them as an emergency placement and the childrent had no belongings at all when they arrived. N ran upstairs, sorted through his Gruffalo books he had been collecting and using to improve his English reading.  He packed these along with a number of other toys and offered them for the children.

N’s foster carer said:

“N has attachment difficulties and so for me to see him share his toys so easily really made me feel proud of him. He has had these toys for years, collected those books but thought nothing of giving them away to help others in a less fortunate position than him.”

The family’s supervising social worker Angela said:

“His carers have been motivated, devoted and know N inside and out. As carers they are fantastic at recognising the children’s needs, advocating for them but also role modelling kind and generous behaviour. Being the carers that they are they won’t give themselves the deserved credit, but their personalities have supported both children in place to grow into the kind, compassionate young people they are becoming.”

N is now 9 years old and is becoming a lovely young man.

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