Capstone Foster Care’s Favourite #FosteringMoments

14th May, 2024

Here at Capstone Foster Care, we are loving the theme of this year’s Foster Care Fortnight: Fostering Moments. It’s been wonderful reading through and learning about those small fostering moments which have made a special mark on their hearts.

We’re absolutely delighted to share some of these inspiring moments with you.

Fostering Moments

Our registered manager in the north, Bev told us…

“My fostering moment came when I was chatting about current affairs (with one of our young people). She had some really profound thoughts for someone so young. When I asked, ‘what you would like to do when you’re an adult?’ she said change the public’s view of looked after children. I thought wow, she was truly inspirational and made me think, ‘this is a great job.’”

Adam, senior practitioner to Capstone Foster Care north, couldn’t nail down just one and gave us his top three…

“Being part of a child’s journey from a referral, reading how challenging his care would be, to seeing him flourish in his new foster home with amazing carers, and amazing foster siblings. Now, he is looking to be staying on a long-term basis…all within 12 months!

Also, providing our young ambassadors with opportunities to grow through activities provided and developing themselves with skills for adulthood.

Finally, seeing our young people and families beaming smiles when having an Eid event that they are proud of. One young person said… ‘this is 10/10!’”

Absolute gold. This next moment from administrator, Sandra, gave us chills.

“My fostering moment came when I was reading feedback given by a young person when typing up the document for a review. The young person is in a Parent & Child arrangement with her young child & the comments were as follows in relation to the carer:

‘She genuinely saved my life. She made the other stuff that much more bearable so I could focus on being a good mum to my little boy. I can finally say that at the age of 21 I’ve experienced a real home. She has helped me raise my little boy in a safe and happy home and he loves her, I trust her with my child without question because I feel like he is hers too and I love it. I don’t think I have ever felt so comfortable with anyone in my life, she’s ace. If I came to S’s care when I was a child in care myself, I don’t think I would have been hurt again and I would want to live. The parenting came naturally, but there was a lot of bad stuff going on which could have changed that – she didn’t let that happen and she stuck by me and I’m also a grown adult. No one else has done that for me.’

It was so powerful. Proof of the difference our foster carers make.”

Similarly, for education support officer, Janet, her fostering moment gave her goosebumps.

“The one that really made a difference was working with a young man over many years. The only falling out we had was when I asked him to read out loud to me early in our journey. There were just the two of us, sat at the kitchen table, but he got up and shouted ‘NO!’ He was very upset. We continued working together and when he was in year 5, I was supporting him in class, the teacher asked for volunteers to read in the class assembly, and he put his hand up. I panicked and whispered the request, but he nodded and stayed standing though he wasn’t chosen. The teacher then asked for volunteers to sing solo in the same assembly and again he stood up – he was chosen and went on to sing like an angel. The teacher didn’t realise the massive step, but I did, I was so proud and slightly teary. At the end of the lesson, I virtually ran out of the school to phone the carers to tell them what had happened, and it has stuck with me for several years. To witness the massive turn round for this young person was a real privilege.”

For children’s champion to the midlands, John, it was witnessing what should always be a magical time of year for children…

“My fostering moment from the last year. There's been a few, but the one that immediately comes to mind is our Christmas party with the children seeing Santa (who looked remarkably similar to one of our wonderful carers!!) - I'm not sure who enjoyed themselves the most, the children or Santa - a great day.”

Even supervising social worker, Sophie, who is new to the team is forging her very own favourite fostering moments…

“A young person who used to really struggle to take part in meetings and engage with professionals, with the support of her independent visitor, made a PowerPoint presentation to share her thoughts and feelings in her CLA Review - it was incredibly powerful. She has also been instrumental in the Local Authority CLA Nurse Team creating a poster with their photo and a bit of information about themselves, which they are now using to introduce themselves before meeting children and young people for their medicals.”

Foster Care Fortnight

Foster Care Fortnight is The Fostering Network’s annual campaign to raise the profile of fostering and show how foster care transforms live.

Here is to many more incredible fostering moments to come. We’re leaving you on this heartwarming favourite fostering moment from IRO, Caroline, heard in a foster carer’s review…

“I don't know if she has rescued me, or if I've rescued her.”

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