Foster Carer Talks. An Honest Look at Fostering

20th March, 2023

“Fostering makes your head spin.”

When we caught up with Capstone foster carer of two years, Debbie, recently we were refreshed by her brutally honest take on the fostering experience when you first start.

Debbie is just enough into her fostering career to feel settled in her role but also to remember those early days which were so full of emotion. An experience which many foster carers will relate to.

Getting approved

“The fostering process can feel brutal, you have to open up about every aspect of your life. Then you go through panel and are elated when you get approved. Then comes the moment you are matched to a child, the moment you have been working so hard toward but no one can prepare you for how that moment really feels. That mix of happiness and being terrified. Like I said, fostering makes your head spin.”

Indeed, the fostering process is a robust one and for good reason, the children that we work with are vulnerable and here at Capstone we want to make the best match possible by finding carers who are completely committed to give that child the greatest chance of stability.

However, with fostering being such an emotive profession, we were keen to find out how Debbie finds balance.

Fostering Support Groups

When Debbie first joined Capstone Foster Care it was at the height of the pandemic, with training and onboarding being delivered online, it was a hard time and Debbie confesses that it was an isolating experience.

So when the fostering support groups opened back up Debbie decided to reach out and make use of them. Making all the difference to her fostering experience.

“This was the fostering experience that I had always imagined, being able to meet like minded people. This was it.”

The involvement of local support groups bolstered Debbie’s confidence, having people to turn to if going through a rough patch you can find experienced carers who have been something similar who can give a listening ear and words of advice and encouragement.

True friends have been made, as Debbie tells us.

“These people will text you at 6am in the morning to check in on you when you have told them you a are having a hard time – they don’t need to, and they are not getting anything but they do it anyway.”

And while support from Capstone social workers is always on hand, sometimes there are things that you feel are too small to go to a social worker with, peer support is crucial in the fostering world.


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