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A letter to my foster carer: Thank you

A real letter written by one of our young people in care to her foster carer. 

Dear Foster Carer, 

You are the only person who I have ever had a great connection and relationship with.

You understand me and are there for me no matter what. I have never managed to stay at a foster placement this long, you make me happy and content whilst living with you. You have not once given up on me whereas everyone in the past has.  

You have helped me succeed and complete my first year at college and helped me start my dream career as a hairdresser. You are not just a carer to me and my son J, you are like a mum to me and a gran to J. 

Your family have taken me in and treat me like their own, I love your daughter and your daughter in law, J practically dances and has a big smile on his face every time they come to the house. J and I love the whole family like they were our own biological family. 

I did not have a real family before I moved in with you, you have been an amazing support system for me and J and have taught me what a mother should teach her child. You have taught me how it feels to be loved and cared for, and you have also taught me not only how to show my feelings but how to recognise and talk about them.

Most importantly, you have taught me how to be a mother to my beautiful boy J.

Your Faithfully,


*A real letter written by a young person in care to her foster carer – names have been to protect the identity of the young person.

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