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How fostering has made a difference to my life

23rd October, 2020

As part of ‘Make a difference day’, we are sharing a collection of stories and poems from our carers and young people.

One of our amazing foster carers got in touch to share how fostering has made a difference to her life. We are so proud of all our carers and we love hearing the heart-warming stories from them.

Read what the carer had to say below:

“The young people we care for have made an enormous difference to us as a family.

"Do I mind that they are not always loving and caring in the conventional sense because of their past? No, I do not mind because they show us love in many other ways.

"For six years I can reflect, with little expectation, I have been shown love. A privileged love that comes from their belief in us as a family.

"For me an example of this was when one of our girls due to trauma and crippling anxiety couldn’t speak or engage, we brought out paper and pens and were rewarded with a glimpse of communication and this has been an ongoing  feature of our time together, finding the link and clues often through art.  The journey has had many ups and downs, but this disjointed miscommunication has been nurtured and without being flippant has saved me from the moans of the menopause and the onset of dementia.

"We have all been constantly amazed, by helping her to unpick the puzzle that is her life as she knows it and with so many difficulties and hurdles to overcome, a  person can thrive, reward  and surprise  when so many odds have been and are still stacked against her.

"Imagine how unbelievably proud we are of her using that little link/belief now to form a pathway that could shape the rest of her life as she is now applying to University to study a Fine Art degree."

You can read her personal statement for her university application here.

From everyone here at Capstone, we are so proud of both the carers and young person, they are a great example of how fostering can make a difference to your life. If you want to get in touch with the team and share an example of how fostering has made a difference to your life, contact us here

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