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Capstone indoor spooktacular Halloween activities!

30th October, 2020

The traditional Halloween activity of trick-or-treating may not be possible this year due to social distancing measures around the UK but that does not mean that your little ones need to miss out on Halloween all together. Like everything else, Halloween will feel a little difference compared to other years, one example being more people are wearing masks! So, we have put together the top indoor Halloween activities you can do together as a family to ensure you have a sweet and safe celebration.

  • Host a family fancy dress competition – Get the costumes out of the attic and dust off the face paints, it is time to see who is the scariest in the family! This activity is a fun and easy to do, you will all have a great time dressing up as your favourite monster. The winner of the competition gets first dibs in the Halloween bucket full of chocolates and sweets.
  • Decorate your home décor – Even though we cannot have the usual Halloween, there is no harm in decorating your home, both inside and outside to get you into the Halloween spirit. Start by decorating your front door to look like a monster: Try taping alternating stripes of tissue onto the door, next create a big mouth using black foam and use cut up paper places and pen to make eyes and teeth (please do not bulk buy toilet rolls for this activity!). To make your ghost extra scary, try adding neon stickers onto the eyes to make them stand out more in the dark.
  •  Trick or Treat at home – Due to the social distancing measures put in place around the UK, it may not be safe to go trick-or-treating around your neighbourhood like you have done in previous years. That does not mean you have to miss out though! How about trying the home edition of trick-or-treating, place buckets filled with sweets and chocolates in different rooms around the house and decorate each room in a different way which represent a new location. This means your little ones can explore different rooms and be able to knock on each door as if they were going to a different house like they would do usually.
  • Do a window treasure hunt – Pick a Halloween symbol, such as a Witch’s hat or a pumpkin, then walk around your area to try and find as many as you can. The person with the most symbols spotted gets to have a treat from the Halloween sweet bucket at home.
  • Host a scary face mask competition – Ask family and friends to design their own spooky face masks, then host a Zoom scary face mask competition to see who has created the most inventive one. A few ideas for your masks include: a cat, green monster, vampire or even a beard mask!

We hope you all have a great time trying out these indoor spooky activities, you may not be able to do the traditional Halloween activities this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. We would love to see your scary Halloween pictures; you can send your updates to us here.

From all of us here at Capstone Foster Care, Happy Halloween!

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