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How to have a more JOYFUL day!

3rd November, 2020

With the latest news regarding the pandemic sticking around longer than we expected and another lockdown approaching, Capstone’s MATs Clinical Lead, Annette, has put together a joyful blog to share with you all.

Read Annette's JOYFUL blog below:

I have put together a blog around our wellbeing and a game you can play with your family and the children you are supporting so they can hopefully experience comfort, curiosity and JOY - something that is only able to happen when they start to feel safe. So, I thought what a better way to connect with a day than to do one thing however big or small that brings you JOY.

There are simple rules to the game they are:

  • Make your one thing meaningful if possible
  • Define the moment and be in it - really notice it

It is as simple as that, that is the aim of the game , think of it like a prescription for wellbeing! So, I guess the only last thing to do is figure out what makes you feel joyful, something that is powerful enough to make your heart smile. This could be the start of an exciting adventure to finding new things that bring you JOY.

You can find joy in anything, here are some examples where it could be found:

  • Eating chocolate
  • Standing outside and taking in the autumn beauty
  • Snuggling the cat/ dog
  • Having a brew
  • Listening to your favourite song
  • Making some art
  • Eating a cake
  • Having a walk
  • Sitting quietly
  • Planning a treat for later
  • Reading your favourite magazine
  • Taking a bath
  • Dancing in the rain (or in the kitchen if you don’t fancy getting wet)

Everyone has 24 hours in a day, choose to have an hour to yourself and find something joyful to do, this can be any hour of the day, sometimes finding something joyful to do in the middle of the day can give you a real lift during a busy day.

Just remember when you find a JOYFUL moment soak it up and notice it whole heartedly before your mind rushes back into the day to day tasks. Your mind will thank you for a lift and whatever you do, please smile when you find the moment as it sure does release some good old ‘feel good’ hormones. Bring on the Oxytocin that’s what I say!

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