Virtual School Rotherham visit Capstone (North)

Rotherham Virtual SchoolThe Barnsley carers were recently visited by Peter D, the Virtual School Headteacher for Secondary and Post 16 in Rotherham at a recent support group meeting.

He spoke to a group of around 14 carers and staff about how the Virtual School aims to support young people and their schools. Carers had the chance to ask questions on topics like PEP meetings, Pupil Premium Plus, unofficial exclusions and behaviour. Peter said that the Virtual School is often unaware of issues unless carers tell them and it was important to let him know.

Virtual School Rotherham exists to support the educational progress and achievement of looked after children, wherever they live. Children do not ‘attend’ the Virtual School, and they do not have a school building; looked after children remain the responsibility of the schools that they attend.

Rotherham Virtual School are proactive in trying to discover what works for their 650 young people and how any problems that exist can be overcome. They use a portion of the Pupil Premium Plus money to help fund a range of support such as training school staff.

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