The Mission Christmas Appeal

Mission Christmas GiftsIn December, we asked the carers and staff from the North to take part in the Hits Radio Mission Christmas appeal, and they didn’t disappoint. We had lots of gifts donated and the carers and staff concentrated on buying gifts for the older aged children and young people.

Mission Christmas works with thousands of organisations across the UK who support disadvantaged children aged 0-18. Mission Christmas works closely with social workers, head teachers and also the emergency services. They nominate families in crisis to be supported by the appeal. It is the largest annual Christmas toy appeal in the UK.

Mission Christmas appeal has helped 41,836 children across Greater Manchester as 1 in 3 children live in property across the region. Mission Christmas is all about bringing these children some Christmas spirit at the time they need it most.

Mission Christmas work with over 350 organisations in the Greater Manchester area specifically supporting underprivileged children who ensure that our donation will support a child not expecting a visit from Santa.

It’s such a worthy cause to be involved with and we look forward to taking part again next Christmas!

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