Our North team took part in National Art Week!

To celebrate National Art Week on the 9th June to the 17th June at our office in Heywood we organised an Art Group with our young people and three graphic design students from the Manchester College who produce the magazine FRESH.
The young ladies organised the whole session with our young people and provided all the materials for the young people to work with. The brief was simple, we wanted a piece of artwork to display on the wall that linked to the children’s youth group called the Anchor group. The young people had chosen the  name Anchor Group themselves.
FRESH magazine has been designed by the three graphic design students to showcase artwork from ethnic minorities showcasing their positive ethos, that anyone can become an artist no matter from what diverse background you are from.
The children really engaged with the project  and a lot of our children are from diverse cultural backgrounds and it was great to show them what they could achieve and the options they had for different job roles as they grow older. We had eight children attend on the day and we gave them the brief to add to the fabric cloth their most treasured possession they would want to take with them if they ended up on a desert island.
The children could paint, glue fabrics, beads or glitter to the material to create an image of their choice. All the children had different ideas as to what their most treasured possession was. Children drew phones, tablets, to a mug, football, pony, family and toys. When the children were all happy with the artwork piece, we asked them to draw an image of themselves on the artwork as well.
It was a fantastic day and the organisers really helped the children to learn how to paint and draw. We now proudly showcase the artwork at our Heywood office for everyone to see. The children love to come in and see it framed on the wall.
Thank you to the graphic designers from FRESH Magazine!
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