Our Dartford team volunteered at Meadowside, Local Day Care Centre

Recently members of our South East Dartford team volunteered at a Local Day Care Centre, Meadowside, who are part of the Age UK group. The staff were there to help clear a 20ft square area which is to be used as a sensory garden moving forward. The whole team got really stuck in, helping to clear the overgrown areas which were full of weeds, ivy, bushes and trees. The day was a huge success and the team managed to clear the whole area for them. Everyone worked really hard and found the experience to be extremely rewarding. They were even treated to a wonderful lunch from the day care centre.

It’s wonderful to be able to support our local community and that we hope the work we did will have a positive impact for the day centre moving forward. Thank you to all staff that participated and volunteered their time!

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