Our Anchor Youth Group really enjoyed their bowling trip!

Recently, our Northern support workers Emma and Hayley arranged to take our established Anchor Youth Group out for a few games of bowling and catch up.

Our young people have been involved in the youth group for over two years now and have formed great friendships with each other. It’s so important that we help the children mingle with other children who they can relate to and who have been through the same situations as themselves, to help them find comfort.

In total, there were seven of our young people who attended, both boys and girls, in which the group split into two teams with the inclusion of Emma and Hayley for added competition!

The young people had fun and got along well together, there was also some competitive banter but it was great to see them supporting others who were not so confident at bowling. Together, they chatted and formed deeper friendships whilst they tucked into tasty hotdogs, pizza and friends.

Whilst we were all together, we discussed what they would all like to do next time and we really look forward to the next gathering.

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