K heads to prom in a Saracen Armoured Vehicle!

One of our carers Michelle recently called the office to share K’s vehicle he had to prom.

K has a real interest in everything linked to the military. K has been part of the cadets since the age of 13 and has lived with Michelle for over 9 years. He loves going to the cadets and enjoys his time there and taking part in the parades. He is also a Lance Corporal as part of his local cadets group.

Michele wanted to celebrate K’s coming of age prom in style for him. She had a cunning plan that took weeks to put together to find K a different vehicle to attend the prom in. Michelle herself loves the military style and has her own trike. K had asked Michelle to take him to the prom in her trike but Michelle wanted to surprise him with another vehicle. She has tracked down a company that specialises in military vehicles and organised for K to be picked up in a Saracen Armoured Vehicle.

Michelle asked K to take pictures of his prom outfit outside the house, K had chosen his own suit, shirt, belt and tie all by himself. While K was distracted with having his photo taken the armoured vehicle appeared on the street reversing towards their drive. K couldn’t take his eyes off the vehicle and was so in awe of the vehicle and he was so pleased that Michelle had organised this surprise for him.

Michelle raced off to the prom to capture photos of him arriving in the armoured vehicle, Michelle said ‘it was completely a show stopper, not only did everyone at the prom clap when K arrived, traffic also stopped to get a better look. K was initially anxious about the idea of the prom but was also looking forward to it, the vehicle was just the icing on the top of the cake for K and he had an amazing time at the meal and party. K has even surprised me the day after the prom with a bunch of flowers and my favourite Ameretti biscuits as a thank you which was very kind. Although seeing his face light up at the sight of the armoured vehicle was the greatest gift I could have received. K is transitioning into a young adult and I am so proud of him’

Michelle’s parents wanted to also treat K for his hard work this year as well as the prom and suggested they all go for a meal but K has decided he would rather go to Morecombe for the day on Saturday to join in with the Armed Forces day. K is off to college in September to study animal management and is looking forward to starting a career working with animals.

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