Fun filled day out for our Barnsley and Bradford hubs!

Our Bradford and Barnsley team held a joint event recently for carers and children at Wakefield Thornes Cricket ground, we had numerous families and young people attend from both hubs.

On the day there were many activities to take part in such as cupcake decorating, face painting, a dog obstacle course and much more. Even the adults were able to join in the activities and congregated around the rock painting table, spending the majority of their time there.

We had visits from an ice cream van, allowing families to each have an ice cream, we also had a flying visit from the fire brigade whom could not stay long as they were called away on a real life emergency. The young people found this very exciting watching the lights and sirens sound as the engine sped off.

Feedback from the day was very positive the favourite was the slime making station and the dog obstacle course, due to high winds we had to change the bouncy castle to sumo suits which made a fun unexpected change. An enjoyable day for everyone  to get together from both hubs and join in the fun filled activities.

Feedback from carers:

Foster Carer called Shelly said “Thank you for inviting us to the Bradford and Barnsley joint Event.  I attended with my twin foster boys aged 4 months and my daughter aged 16.  There was a wide variety of activities including face painting and bun decorating.  Although the boys were a little too young for these my daughter got stuck into the rock painting and designed one for each of the boys for their memory boxes and also had a picture with the fire engine that turned up.  It was nice to meet other carers and catch up with people you know from training courses and find out how they are getting on and exchanging experiences.  The boys were a great hit and I managed to have a cuppa without it going cold”

Foster Carers Gemma and Kate said “The photos are lovely. The children really enjoyed themselves, it’s a shame we had to leave early due to our contact time.

We were a bit optimistic as to what activities there would be due to the weather been a bit miserable and windy, but the activities you laid out were really good for our two. Even though they are 2 and 6 they could both take part in all the different activities. They both like to do arts and crafts so that was definitely a plus. The slime making was the 6 year olds favourite and I think the cupcake decorating was definitely the little ones favourite as she ate more than she put on the bun! It was also nice for Kate and I to be able to meet some of the other foster carers and their young people”

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