On Friday 10th November, Capstone North were pleased to host a small celebration for the carers who had been with the agency for ten years or more!

This was a lovely opportunity to thank all the carers for their commitment to the agency but, more importantly, to the young people they have supported during that time.

All the carers received a card and some flowers to say ‘Thank you’ and we all chatted about ‘old times’ and how they had enjoyed all the years they have spent as carers.

The afternoon was a great opportunity for everyone to reminisce and talk about their successes, sadness – about children who had left them – and joy – for the children they were currently supporting and all their achievements!

Additionally, the agency was also able to acknowledge the services of Jo Kelly and Carole Bell (Senior Supervising Social Workers) who have been with the agency for a combined total of 25 years!

Thanks to everyone who attended for making it a great day of catching up with old friends and colleagues, as well as reflecting on what has been achieved.


‘We joined when it was a small premier agency and still feel we’re part of a close knit family and still get the great support from everyone. Fostering to us is challenging, fun and we have great support from Capstone Foster Care’

‘Loved the chance to meet up with the other long standing carers, who we don’t always get chance to meet It was nice to be recognised for the long service and commitment we have made to Capstone I enjoy fostering with Capstone because ALL staff are warm, friendly and supportive.

The training is relevant and well-presented and we feel part of “ the family” that is Capstone’- Jacqui Cummings, carer.

I enjoyed it very much, it was nice seeing people I hadn’t seen for a long time. It was also very nice to know that we are all valued and appreciated. I enjoy working for Capstone, knowing I’m offering a secure and caring home to children with a difficult past to move forward.- Phyllis Aspinal, Carer.

Karen Winser made the annual trip to THAT Food bank this Monday on behalf of Capstone. Lin, the Chair, of THAT Foodbank, a Charity who try to alleviate food poverty throughout Teignbridge, requested this year for our staff to provide Christmas themed goods so more family hampers could be created. All our staff were happy to get involved with this worthwhile organisation and were very generous, we donated things like selection boxes, tins of Chocolate, biscuits and Christmas puddings. Lin and her team we overwhelmed with the gifts.

Karen had the chance to have a quick catch up with Lin with how things had been this past year, she told me, “There has been an increasing number of young men and families coming into the office for help”. Karen asked Lin why did she think this was? Lin replied, “This is mainly due to people not receiving benefits in a timely manner, in some cases it is taking over 3 months! People cannot survive without the service we provide, the kindness of people’s donations and the dedication of the volunteer team who give up their time to help and support the local community”.

On the day Karen visited Lin and her team helped with 13 food packs and 2 home starts! The colder weather and benefit delays are contributing to the hardship.

Lin added “This year we were awarded the Quality Assurance Mark. This was a very prestigious award to achieve”. Capstone are really pleased that Lin and the team have got recognition for all their hard work.

If you would like to find out more about this charity and how you could get involved please visit: https://www.thatfoodbank.com/