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Inspiration behind ‘Do you get it?’ poem By Nikki Youngs

5th March, 2021

To help more people understand and have a clearer perspective about what a career in fostering may involve, Capstone Social Worker Nikki Youngs has written a poem called ‘Do you get it?’ which takes on the perspective of a young person placed in foster care and how they may be feeling.

Nikki shared with us what was the inspiration behind her poem, she said:

“The inspiration behind my poem is my experience I have gained over 25 years as a Social Worker, 8 of these working as a Supervising Social Worker for Capstone.

“During this time, I have seen many carers who wish only to do a good job and try their best but sometimes they can’t always see what the young person is trying to communicate through their behaviour or disengagement.

“Fostering is a tough gig and I wanted to find a way to speak to all carers, especially prospective carers.  The message in this poem is look beyond the behaviour not at “what is wrong with you?” but “what happened to you?”.

“I would ideally love for prospective carers to read this as it reflects some of the reality of fostering.  If after reading it they still feel they want to pursue fostering then great, bring it on! But I would like people to stop and think, is this for me or can I bring that sort of care to a young person who is telling me my food is bad?”

View Nikki’s inspiring and informative poem below:

‘Do you get it?’ by Nikki Youngs, 2021

Do you get it when I say, I don’t want to live here anyway.

Your food is crap, and you all talk posh.

And there ain’t no way your making me wash.


Do you get it when I don’t cry, face defiant, chin held high.

Do you see me behind my shield small and scared afraid to yield.

Do you see me all shut down, sitting here shrugging, face in a frown.


Come sit with me and “wonder” a while about the things that make me smile.

About the things that make me sad, all the things I never had.

About the things I never say, the things I want to chase away.

About the things still hurting me, all the things you cannot see.


Do you get it, I want to be close, but hurt the ones who care the most.

Causing havoc and dismay, in my life that’s been the way.


Do you have calm words and eyes, to soothe away the stormy skies.

To lift the heavy rocks of fear, to find the real me waiting here.

To gently help me to my feet when I’m feeling down and beat.

To help me be the best I can and accept me for who I am.

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