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The team consists of the Area manager Karen who has been involved in fostering for over 25 years, having direct experience of being a foster carer for 7 years, and growing up in a fostering family (parents were also foster carers). Karen has worked for Independent Fostering Agencies for 17 years, joining Capstone 6 years ago.

We have a strong, committed and dedicated social work team (Eileen, Sonja, Sally and Tarlie) and Tina who deals with all things to do with the fostering panel and training – normally the first person you will talk to when you call the office. They are all very experienced with a range of expertise in their fields. They are all very competent professionals who have been with Capstone for many years. The reason they are all happy in the work they do is their desire to provide the best support to our foster carers.

Our staff have reduced caseloads so they are able to offer creative strategies for our foster carers and we provide 24 hour support to our carers 365 days a year. All carers and staff feel part of a family and we have a culture of a “can do” attitude in everything we do. We organise various events throughout the year to promote Capstone to a wider audience and also to reward and involve our carers, looked after children and birth children.

Our fostering families are well supported and play an important role in the team around the child to ensure positive outcomes and stability in the child or young person’s life. We provide all of the help, support and training they need either in the home, at the end of a phone or face-to-face.

Capstone Carer feedback

“When we made a life changing decision to become Foster Carers, we approached Capstone Foster Care and have never looked back. Throughout our journey we have felt welcomed and supported by all involved, our confidence and ability has grown through much-valued training sessions and Carers clinics.

Two years on we enjoy the challenges, rewards and experiences our Foster Family brings with continued support from the Capstone network”.


“If you’re looking for an Independent Foster Agency that has a local and personal feel but is also progressive, proactive, professional and supportive, then I can recommend Capstone Foster Care.

I am one of many Foster Carers who, originally with a local independent agency, one morning in 2009, awoke to find that I was now part of Capstone. In my experience “big” most often means impersonal and distant but this cannot be said of Capstone. Capstone has managed to retain the feel and personality of a local independent agency, with the focus on caring for children and young people, and supporting its Foster Carers.

But in a world of increasing regulation, microscopic scrutiny and the need to raise professional standards, I take great confidence and comfort in knowing that Capstone is a significant and highly regarded organisation. Above all, it is an organisation that really cares about its Foster Carers”.


Capstone prides itself on undertaking thorough matching processes – matching the child to the family. Throughout the assessment process (which takes four to six months) we will help you identify all of the knowledge and skills you have which will transfer to the role of being a foster carer. We will also explore the kind of child that would benefit from being in your family.

Each child is different, each child is unique – so we need different and unique foster carers to be able to provide secure, safe and nurturing homes to our vulnerable children and young people.

As you can see from the feedback and testimonials Capstone is one of the best Fostering Agencies available across the whole of Somerset and Wiltshire so if you are interested in fostering and have patience, a caring attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile please give us a call.

If you would like more information on the process of becoming a foster carer or would simply like to talk with one of our friendly staff on the subject, please don’t hesitate to contact us by either calling 01373 836 699 or by clicking here.

Some further information can be found in our Statement of Purpose downloadable from here.

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