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Why foster with Capstone?Being a foster parent can be one of the most rewarding — and important — career choices a person can make. As a foster carer providing care for a foster child or young person, you are changing their lives. Your caring and providing a safe home and family setting can make a huge difference to a child who has been taken into care because of events over which the child has had no control. Events that are devastating and life-changing can damage the child’s entire life, unless proper care and caring is provided in the form of loving foster parents.

There are many reasons why people choose to foster. Some people have the skills and experience and their desire to create a positive world for children is paramount. If you ask people who are foster parents, most will tell you they chose to become a foster carer because they have a passion to make a real difference to the life of a disadvantaged child or young person.

The way the system works, local authorities become aware of situations where children and young people are in need of foster parents. Typically there has been a breakdown in the child’s home life due to violence or addiction or severe medical issues. When the local authorities step in and remove the child from a perilous situation, they need to have the support of foster carers who are able to provide a home for the child right away.

More and more, foster caring is outsourced to independent agencies such as Capstone Foster Care. Our foster carers receive training and support. They have access to dedicated experts in the field of fostering such as a social worker and the full support of the entire Capstone team. This is a professional career and as a foster carer, you belong to a wider team of staff and carers at Capstone who are committed to excellence and willing to work with you and offer training & support.

When you are fostering, you will receive a generous allowance. However, the rewards and job satisfaction really come with seeing what a difference you can make to disadvantaged children and young people.

This is well illustrated by the drawings below.

When Tom first came into care, he drew this self-portrait. His mother had told him he was the baddie and he saw himself as an alien who needed to carry a weapon to protect himself.


Some time later after some time with skilled foster carers, he drew this second self-portrait.


As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words. These drawings, more than anything we can write, show you what can be achieved by good foster carers and good support from the Capstone team. There is an ongoing need for foster families. In becoming a part of the Capstone team, you will be working with children who you will be able to help through the years of their childhood to develop into happy, healthy people with bright and positive outcomes as adults.

Capstone Foster Care can be contacted on 0800 012 4004 or simply click here.





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