Saiqa Taj

Saiqa (33) and her husband, Malik (35) are full-time foster carers and have been fostering since 2010.

Her husband works full time whilst she is a full time mother and foster carer. Prior to fostering she was a Teaching Assistant in a local school.

Her cousin’s family is a fostering family who have had many placements, and Saiqa had seen the way the looked after children really grew up appreciating the hard work that had been put in and the way that the children looked up to their foster parents and showed that love and affection that one’s own birth children would show.

Having witnessed this, and they way that her cousin really made a difference to the lives of vulnerable children, Saiqa picked up the phone and rang Capstone Foster Care to see if she was eligible to foster. Her experience in her profession coupled with her will to help vulnerable children meant that the application process was effortless and simple.

Having been asked how she feels when she get a call about a new placement, “looking forward to helping another child” and “my four birth children always get so excited in having a new brother or sister” were some of the comments made.

She gave up work when she became a foster carer and now feels that fostering is a suitable alternative, as she gets a generous care allowance as well as getting to spend time with her own children – all whist knowing that she doing so much for vulnerable children and young adults who desperately need the love and care every child deserves.

Some of her highlights include a 16 year old, who is now 22 and still lives with her! She feels as though he is part of the family and he himself is preparing to move out and start his own life – although he doesn’t want to leave “home”!

Another highlight was a young girl she had for fostering who was later adopted by another family. The family still keep in touch with her thanking her for the hard work she did.

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