Bradford Summer Day Out at Lightwater Valley!

We had our Bradford Summer Day Out at Lightwater Valley on the 25th July 2019 for all our carers, children and young people. The date was planned for the summer holidays so everyone could be able to attend and in total we had 21 foster families attend, which was a great turn out!

The day started from 10.15am and our carers and young people were welcome to stay as long as they wanted until the park closed at 5pm. We suggested to meet for a picnic lunch at 12pm next to The Ultimate ride for everyone to get together and catch up on their day so far.

Lightwater Valley is a theme park situated in Ripon with over 35 rides and attractions for all the family. We chose to hold our Summer day out at this location as the Lightwater Valley trip is a yearly tradition at the Bradford office. As many carers and young people have visited Lightwater Valley before, they are aware of the running of the day and how the park is able to cater for their needs. Having a staff member present at the picnic area near The Ultimate ride allowed there to be a safe base for young people and foster carers to keep returning too if they wished.

The feedback we have received over the years shows that the annual summer day out to Lightwater Valley is something our foster carers and young people really enjoy. It allows the Bradford office to give something back to the carers and young people by coming together and enjoying the fun day and everyone can meet and socialise with new people and new friends, to share experiences and have a brilliant day together.

Feedback from the day

“Thank you for a lovely day, I am not sure just how we managed that heat but we did and didn’t leave until 4.45pm! We had a lovely day and managed to chat with others on our travels around the park. Thank you”

Julie- Foster Carer

“Just like to say a big thank you for today. The girls really enjoyed it and had a great time even when they got stuck on the water rapids ride!”

Linzi and Neil- Foster Carers

“Thank you for a great day out, and M said the best way to describe it was and this is his own word, it was exhilarating. I thought it was a great word.”

Patrick- Foster Carer


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