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Benefits of becoming a foster parent


As a foster parent, the biggest benefit and reward you will receive comes from the positive difference you are making in the life of a child or young person.

At Capstone we will reward you in various ways; a benefit includes the weekly allowance that you are entitled to, in order to complete your fostering task. You will also benefit from training and guidance from our dedicated team who will support you in all you do.

Children in care are there because their parent or parents cannot look after them. This can be due to any combination of factors. Most (more than 60%) of the children in care have been taken from their homes by the local authorities due to abuse or neglect. There isn’t much better a foster carer can do than take in a child who has been so traumatised and offer that child safety, security, and love.

A foster child is able to see how a functioning family unit operates. When all that children and young people have seen is a home life filled with neglect or abuse, they may learn to accept this as normal. As a foster parent, you can open the child’s eyes to what a normal child’s life can be like. You know you are doing good work when you help kids be kids simply by providing a caring, safe and secure home.

While being paid to foster is in itself is not a good reason for being a foster carer, what it does provide is the opportunity for families to have children in their lives without the financial pressure and stress. Many people would love to have children to love and care for but for monetary reasons, feel that they cannot afford to care for a child properly. An individual or couple who don’t have the resources to clothe, feed, and care for a child, are given the precious opportunity to create a loving home for a child or young person without the concern about being able to provide for that child or young person.

The basic weekly fostering allowance covers general household expenses, food, mileage, school meals, the child’s clothing, and pocket money. Then there is a weekly fee based on the child’s special needs. The average total pay per week from an independent fostering agency varies depending on location and on the placement, and is worked out per child per week. It will include both the allowance and the fee beyond the allowance. The emphasis here is that the allowance may well differ from area to area and dependant upon the circumstances of the child or young person. Any needs foster children have because of physical, emotional, or mental challenges are covered. As well as the allowance and fee, there is the benefit of being able to claim a tax exemption of up to £10,000, and you also get tax relief for every week (or part week) that a child is in your care.

When you become a foster carer with Capstone, you become part of a network. In the process of becoming approved as foster parents, you are assigned a social worker, receive training, and meet like-minded people also in the process of becoming a foster carer. When you are approved and receive your first placement, you already have a network of foster carers with whom you can share concerns and information. Learning about the intricacies of fostering is an ongoing process.

Foster carers are needed all the time. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Capstone Foster Care on 0800 012 4004 or simply click here.

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