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Fostering Truro

We’re looking for foster carers in Truro

If you live in Truro and have a spare room available and you would like to foster, we are currently recruiting carers from all over Cornwall, but especially anyone who is thinking of fostering in Truro .

There is a particular need in this area to find foster carers who can support over 10 year olds and parent and child.

What is parent and child?

Parent & Child placements are time limited to approximately three months. This is an intensive piece of work where the carer has to integrate a family unit within their own family, whilst at the same time helping to support, educate and encourage parents in their parenting role.

We provide specialist training, and the placement is subject to criteria. As with all of our other fostering placements, support is available 24/7 from our team of expert social workers for anyone who decides to start fostering in Truro.

Parent and child fostering

We also specialise in Parent and Child fostering and we are particularly keen to talk to people who would like to become involved in this sort of fostering.

This is particularly well structured and time limited piece of work during which you will be helping to assess the suitability of a parent’s capacity to care for their child; supporting and coaching them when required to enable and empower them to care for their child. We offer in-depth specialised training to carers for these types of placements.

Can I start fostering in Truro?

For a career in fostering, you will need understanding, patience and commitment, and the energy to invest in a child to help them rebuild their life and begin their journey to a good future. Fostering can be hard work and challenging, but can be very rewarding.

Why choose Capstone Foster Care?

Fostering is not always easy and we are aware of the challenges you may face.  We offer you training to enable you to better understand your foster child and how to respond to their needs.

We place a lot of emphasis on finding therapeutic ways and means of enabling a child  to rebuild their lives with the support of their foster carers

Our local office has a friendly, caring and highly professional team of enthusiastic and motivated social workers, administrators and management, all working to achieve good futures for children and first-class support for our foster carers.    We are also involved in a research project looking at incorporating social pedagogy into fostering.


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Find out more about fostering in Truro

Our main contact person for all new carer enquiries is Jennifer who is based at our Bristol office and you can reach her on 01454 423 820 or Jennifer will be able to answer many of your questions and give you further information about what being a foster carer involves.

About Capstone Foster Care

Capstone Foster Care is a well-established fostering agency operating across most parts of England.  We have over 100 staff supporting 500 carers from offices spread around England and our local staff teams make a point of knowing personally all the carers in their area.  We work hard to maintain the local, family feel of all our offices so that we can offer new carers the best of both worlds – the resources and expertise of a large agency as well as the personal family feel and local support that most carers really value.

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