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Could you foster in Hertfordshire?

We are keen to recruit more foster carers who live in Hertfordshire. Can you help us? One quick point – you will need a spare bedroom.

We are looking for carers who come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Children and young people who need foster parents in Hertfordshire come from such a rich diversity of backgrounds. As an agency offering independent fostering services, it is a positive benefit for us to be able to offer local Authorities a broad choice of potential foster carers.

By fostering Hertfordshire based children in Hertfordshire, you will enable them to stay in an environment they know, surrounded by places that are familiar, and to continue to go to a school that they already attend. There are many positive benefits to this type of continuity in a child’s life.

We need more foster families in Hertfordshire to avoid further disruption to the lives of young people in foster care. Our goal is to provide the most stable home and life situation possible under the circumstances.


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At any given time in the UK, there are thousands of children who need foster care. There is no specific foster child profile. Some are a sibling group, brothers and sisters who are in need of a temporary home, and all they have is each other. Some have disabilities and some have behavioural difficulties. Some are babies and some are teenagers. Foster children come in all different age groups.

In the past, the local authority used to maintain its own roster of foster carers and did its own recruitment. Some still do while others, such as the Hertfordshire county council, outsource foster care to an independent fostering service such as Capstone Foster Care.

In this division of duties, the independent agency recruits, assesses, and trains foster carers. Because fostering is Capstone’s only mandate, we are able to provide the best resources and training and work with a wide range of foster carers, some highly experienced, some new.

Becoming a foster carer can be a very rewarding choice. Many foster parents have discovered that this is one of the most satisfying careers they ever imagined. If you are in good health and have compassion for children and a spare room, this could be one of the most life-changing events you have ever experienced. There is a national foster care crisis and a deep social need for people to consider foster care.

The length of time that children remain in social care depends on the children’s situation. Some are in care for a short term before they return to their families, some are in care while they await adoption. Some people become a foster carer offering respite to families or other foster parents who wish to take a break from working with children with demanding special needs.

If you are interested in being a foster family in your area and have any question at all, please ask us. Our social workers are available to offer advice and are willing to visit you on site. Our fostering allowances are generous.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Capstone Foster Care on 0800 012 4004 or simply click here.

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