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A day in the life of a Supervising Social Worker

8th April, 2019

Here is John with a quick snapshot of what a typical day is like in the life of a social worker. OK, so I am a male and they say we don’t multi-task. Well, I am writing up supervisions, switching into conversations about young people on 28 days’ notice, trying to get a carer review written up, filling in gaps on CHARMS relating to PEPs and reading up on Carers’ recordings. The other side of my job is working with our Foster Carers, alongside the children they have in their care. You are our treasured resource, our front-liners, the ones who set the boundaries, give the praise, put on the plaster physically and emotionally, the ones that feed and nurture, the agents of change. OK, so I know that’s obvious but each one of you is unique! You have unique experiences, and this leads to different levels of comprehension when discussing theory, psychology, parenting models, reflection, child development etc. So, how do we get you to know and understand the relevant things you need to grasp? Training! Yes, I know you’ve heard it all before but if you are going to work with children and young people you need specific skills and knowledge to help you work and improve the outcomes for the young person you have decided to take into your care. My piece is about getting people more fired up about their training so it’s not a task but a great opportunity. It’s also the opportunity to say thank you for being a small percentage of our population who have been willing to step up and make a difference. Be proud of what you do as your part of a team that is changing lives.

John Pilcher – Capstone, Supervising Social Worker

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