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Why Choose Capstone?

Why Choose Capstone Foster CareIf you are thinking about becoming a carer, there are a number of choices. Local authorities have their own caring homes. Independent fostering agencies, of which Capstone is one, also recruit carers. When you make the important and life-changing decision to enter the career of caring for looked after children and young people, the next step is to choose an agency or authority.

With the choices available to you once you decide to explore the joyful world of fostering, the question you should consider is “Why Choose Capstone?” We can answer this question with these three main reasons:

Reason 1 – Our lengthy experience in providing care to looked after children and young people

Because of our experience in fostering, we know how to assess our incoming carers and appreciate them all through their career with us. We begin with the typical checks, such as the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), Social Services, and medical checks. We carry out home risk assessments, during this, a recruitment coordinator works with you while also getting to know you, your preferences, skills, and abilities.

There is nothing impersonal about the relationship between staff and carers and management. It is important that all members of the team have a voice and our full support and understanding.

Reason 2 – Our strong core values

Capstone bases its existence on six core values:

  • Promoting excellent outcomes for children and young people – building brighter futures into adulthood
  • Putting safeguarding at the heart of the agency and making it everyone’s responsibility
  • Investing in children leaving care, supporting transitions to independence and access to opportunities
  • An outstanding quality of service for foster carers and their families (training, support, professionalism)
  • Listening, hearing and acting for those we support (advocacy)
  • Supporting and investing in our staff team to give their best

Reason 3 – Our ability to support all of our carers

The first two reasons form the basis for our third reason for choosing us. Because we pay attention to our fosterers and continually reinforce our commitment to our core values, there is a consistency from office to office, from one carer to another, from placement to our experts. The strength of our service is based in the certain knowledge that we are a cohesive unit. We are a family that is supportive, generous, and open-hearted.

Across the UK, we have more than 100 staff and more than 500 foster parents. The number of staff indicates that no carer is ever left waiting for an answer to a request for additional support, financial or otherwise, for any child in their care. Our foster parents get paid generous allowances.

If you are considering making this exciting career change, or agency change, contact us for more information by telephone or through our online form. Our local office can provide all the information you need on the services we provide and the benefits we offer. Our offices are based all across the UK, which you can come and visit to find out more about fostering.

Reason 4 – We’re an ‘Outstanding’ & ‘Good’ Ofsted Rated Fostering Agency

Capstone serve the North, Midlands, South West and South East. Each of the regions we serve are regularly inspected by Ofsted who have proudly approved us as a ‘Outstanding’ & ‘Good’ independent fostering agency.

We recently accomplished a prestigious achievement in being awarded ‘Outstanding’ in the North by Ofsted, which is their highest rating for the incredible work our team in the North are doing with children and young people in care.

Some of the kind words of an Ofsted inspector: “The recruitment, assessment, preparation, training and annual reviews of foster carers have a strong focus on keeping children and young people safe. A robust fostering panel makes a meaningful contribution to the quality of safeguarding within the agency”.


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