Staff in the North regions took part in their first ‘Fast A Day’ initiative

To mark the month of Ramadan (May 2019), staff were invited to join Adam D,
Adam B and Rumana based at our Heywood office to fast on Tuesday 28th May 2019 and the response was amazing.

Adam D was inspired to invite his colleagues to take part after hearing that one of our Non-Muslim foster carers took the decision to fast for the whole 30 days alongside him to gain a better understanding of Ramadan means to Muslims.

Fasting started from sunrise (3am) and closed at sunset (9:20pm) which meant staff lasted without food and water for around 18 hours.

Staff joined in across the North and reflected on the day; how they enjoyed experiencing this together. There was a realisation that together they were able to manage something that previously had sounded very daunting.

The most touching message was from Vivienne based at our Bradford office; how she remembered fasting was her choice, and there are people around the world that unfortunately do not have the same privilege.

The organisers all provided Medjoul Dates, from the Middle East, to their colleagues to take home to break their fast.

Adam D said: “It’s been a true pleasure sharing this day with my colleagues and a lot of discussions have taken place not just today but throughout the month from colleagues to understand the beliefs and practice involved.”

Staff are looking to taking part in ‘Fast A Day’ in 2020 to support our foster carers and children who will be fasting next year.

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