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Pat and Oliver

Once their adult children had flown the nest, Pat and Oliver from Hertfordshire made an enquiry with Capstone to become foster carers. Within a few months they were making a difference to the lives of 3 siblings who joined their home in need of care, love and support. We spoke to them recently to find out more about their fostering journey.

Fostering was something that Pat and Oliver had thought about for a long time. In 2015 the time was right to make an enquiry as they had the space required and time to foster.

“We had 2 spare bedrooms and fostering was something we always wanted to do.”

The couple had looked at several agencies and eventually chose to speak to Capstone because they were looking for an agency that was foster carer focused. They were visited by Yvonne Crawford who is a Social Worker supporting carers in the Hertfordshire area. Yvonne carried out an initial visit to their home to talk about fostering with the couple.

Both carers were working full time when they decided to become foster carers. They were aware of the flexibility required to manage a fostering household and Pat was happy to cut down the hours she worked to accommodate this.

Yvonne agreed that the couple were suitable applicants to begin a fostering assessment. Capstone would offer training and support for the Pat and Oliver to begin their foster care journey.

Within weeks of being approved in January 2016, the couple were approached with a sibling group, 2 sisters and their brother, age 4, 6 and 9 who were in desperate need of a loving family. Pat and Oliver agreed to help, and the children were placed with them within hours.

Pat said: “Looking after the 3 children has been really rewarding. We can see the difference being here has made to them. Looking after children can get really tiring, so it’s great we’ve had the support of our family including our adult children who visit regularly to give us a hand. Our social worker Yvonne has also been great and supported us at each step of the way.”


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