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Margaret and Hugh

Hugh and I began our fostering journey 5 years ago, at the end of 2014. We realised that we wanted to give children in need, what we had been able to provide and offer to our own 5 children. We both really enjoyed the role of parenthood and still feel so proud to see our children grow up happy and achieving their goals in life and know that we loved and supported them through every stage.

Although choosing to foster is a big decision, we had complete support from our family, who were happy to see us making this choice. Since taking on the role they have showed continual support through all of the fostering experiences.  When choosing to foster I decided to look at agencies online and when I came across Capstone Foster Care I decided to enquire straight away and from there we decided we wanted to apply and start the process to becoming foster carers.

Since our approval in 2015, we have experienced a variety of placements from bridging to short-term and have even offered respite to support other foster parents when they have needed it.

Before our first placement we were both nervous about what was to come but we were also looking forward to the changes and help we might be able to provide. Since that time, we have had 6 placements, and all have provided different challenges and rewards. We have enjoyed seeing the changes in all the young people we have looked after, despite the challenging behaviours we know what have been able to make a difference and impact the lives of some children as they still keep in touch with us now. I would say that although fostering is challenging at times, the reward in knowing you may help them in achieving their goals makes it all worth it and it is how we both expected it to be in.

As foster carers with Capstone Foster Care we really feel part of the team. Our experience has been amazing, and we have always been supported. The social workers are always there when you need them and never let us down. I also want to say that the children’s champions are excellent! Its been great to attend training and events over the years which has given us the opportunity to meet other carers. I would definitely recommend Capstone Foster Care to my family and my friends.


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