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Fi and Paul

Let’s make no bones about it, fostering can be emotionally draining and test your resolve to the limit and there will be nights when you go to bed with the thought of “what am I doing?!”

But do not be alarmed a support network is there surrounding you and giving you the “hug” that you need when you need it. You will be appointed a Supervising Social Worker who you will get to know well and vice versa. Your SSW is there for you to offload and trust me they will understand if you need to rant and rave at them and by the end of it they will leave and you will have a smile on your face and will have things back into perspective.

In the South West, we get together with other carers and take it in turns to chat about the challenges and issues that our respective children are dealing with at the moment. Between us we will offer ideas on what may help and you generally come away thinking “we are making a difference and we can do this”.

And then there is Calories and Caffeine. This is extremely informal and is held on an ad hoc basis every couple of months. Us carers meet at various garden centres, pubs and cafes anywhere that sells coffee and cake and as we all know there is nothing like sitting around a table with a bunch of like-minded people to make for a pleasant few hours. We do not always talk about the children but we are guaranteed to end up laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

So if your worry is about the support on offer stop worrying now. If you need it then all you have to do is pick up the phone and a supporting network will open up to you along with a font of knowledge and experience.

Fi and Paul

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