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Faruk and Balqees

Fostering had never really crossed the minds of Faruk and Balqees, until one day their son Saqib came home and spoke about it and asked his parents if they would ever consider it. At the time the family didn’t know much about fostering and what it involved but they were interested in finding out more.

What may have inspired the idea, is Saqib had a friend who was part of a fostering family. The foster carers were with Capstone and were more than happy to have a chat with Faruk and Balqees about it. During this chat they explained how there may be challenges along the way but overall fostering is a very rewarding job.

The very next day the Baby P case came on TV and it made Faruk and Balqees realise the high demand of carers needed and felt that this is something they would consider as they have the space and would like to give something back to the community. Their son Saqib got into touch with Capstone and put his parents forward.

Faruk and Balqees joined Capstone in 2008 and have supported over 10 youngsters. They both care for children between 0-17 years of all backgrounds.

Faruk said: “We definitely made the right decision to get into fostering and I love what we do. What I enjoy most is making a contribution to the children’s lives, helping them achieve their goals and this makes us feel good that we have been involved in part of the process of helping a child”.

He added that he has found Capstone to be very helpful, supportive and approachable and would recommend Capstone to friends and family members.


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