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Daniella & Alex

My partner Alex and I are currently fostering two girls with Capstone. I had always wanted to foster from an early age and when I met my partner we discussed it quite early on and he was always supportive of it. We inquired about fostering last February. I rang a different agency to start with that I had found on google, but I was very put off by how I was spoken to. The response I got was a laugh down the phone when I was asked what my age was, which was 25 at the time. This massively put me off and I wondered whether I was being ridiculous inquiring about this at my age before having had my own children. My partner is 30 so a little older. But I was then told about what a fantastic and supportive agency Capstone was. I made the initial phone call and I was asked if they could visit us at our home. After this home visit, we felt very optimistic! We filled in the paperwork needed and then we met our supervising social worker who has been incredible throughout our journey!

In January, this year we were approved and a week later we had two girls come to us. It was such a quick process! The girls seem to have settled quite quickly. Of course, we’ve had our ups and downs as expected, but on the whole, we are so pleased that we did ring another agency and pursue it! I would say that I feel Alex and I are mature for our ages, and I’ve luckily had a lot of experience with young people in my roles with The Children’s Society. I am a runaways’ worker, an advocate and I also worked with looked after children building up their resilience and self-esteem. I would say that I’ve found that experience invaluable for the process as I had already done a lot of training on childhood trauma and attachment types and I am a trained counsellor. So, I felt that I had a pretty good understanding of the types of issues children in care present with so I wasn’t in for any ginormous surprises. However, Capstone have also offered some fantastic training for those like my partner who didn’t have such experience.

We are still in the early days as we have only had the girls for 8 weeks, but already we have seen some huge positive changes! They are already feeling like they are a part of this family and I would certainly miss them if they were no longer with us. Our family has changed considerably putting two girls at the centre of it, but it is completely worth it!

To anybody who is younger like us, don’t let your age put you off! I feel as a young couple we can offer a huge amount because we have a lot of energy! We also like to think we are relatively cool and not too embarrassing, and of course like anybody wanting to foster, we care and want to make a difference! One day we will have our own children we hope, but this will not take the place of children we are fostering. We are hoping that our girls will be a long-term placement and therefore when we have a child in the future the girls will make the best sisters to our baby! We know that sounds like a happy ever after story and we know it probably won’t be plain sailing, but as long as we are dedicated and are prepared to work hard there is no reason for it not to work!  We also know that Capstone will help us every step of the way!


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