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Ben and Shelley

Ben and Shelley live near Leicester. They have 2 children and 5 pets, including a cat, a dog, a hamster and some fish! They have been fostering for about 2 years and have fostered several children.

So far they have fostered over 10s, and although they would welcome a younger children, the age range they have fostered works well for them as their own children are of a similar age.

Ben also has experience of working with teenagers as he has a background of working in a youth offenders centre.  Shelley has had a career in the care industry.

Fostering works well for them as they can support the needs of a child, firmly but with lots of fun. As a family they enjoy doing things together – there’s lots to do nearby including, shopping, going to the cinema, the youth club and a leisure centre where they go swimming!

Ben is a musician and family activities include recording music in their home studio using various instruments.

They have participated in lots of training at Capstone, and keep their skills up to date. They are an ideal fostering family as they recognise the need to foster any type of child, and would be willing to support siblings, teenagers, parent and child or any 0-18 year old.

Click on the video below for more about Ben and Shelley.



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