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Abeba and Kiros


Abeba and Kiros are from Dartford and they have been fostering for Capstone since 2009. Before they became foster carers, Abeba was working as a hairdresser and had other part time jobs. Kiros was studying for a Masters in Engineering and was also working part-time. They have now given up their jobs to work as foster carers full-time.

When they were first approved, Abeba and Kiros fostered a sibling group of two, alongside another child who came to them alone. They had a good experience with all three children, who within 3 months all returned home to their families.

They currently foster twin boys, and another child, E, who has higher needs. E is physically disabled, and has learning difficulties. When E arrived she found it very difficult to do things for herself independently she struggled to balance when walking.

The family started taking E out for walks, to the local park, so that E could practice walking, and improve her balance. Ten years have gone by and it’s been a rollercoaster ride to support E, they’ve had lots of ups and downs. It’s taken a lot of time, patience, and some falls too – but eventually E managed to walk by herself.

The twin boys are now in year 9 at their local Grammar School. Abeba and Kiros have supported the boys by providing tuition and encouraging them to complete their homework and after school activities everyday.

The individual needs of each child has been nurtured by the foster carers to enable the young people to thrive in their own ways. The confidence of the children has grown and they are all aiming towards a brighter future thanks to the support of Abeba and Kiros.



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