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Arlene took early retirement, which was great for while however, she soon started to wonder what her purpose was. She realised her purpose was to become a foster parent and make a difference by providing security and stability.


The dream of early retirement was great at the time. For 44 years I worked for the same company and worked my way up from a Clerical Assistant to Head of Accounts.

Sadly after 44 years in service I received the unfortunate news that I was being made redundant. Not aware of alternate opportunities at this point I took redundancy and decided to take early retirement.

Early retirement was great for a while but then reality kicked in, and I asked myself what was my purpose?

I had considered and enquired about fostering before, but after much consideration and discussions with my family I decided why not try again?

I felt like my purpose was to foster I had always wanted to make a difference to children’s lives to ensure that every child that crosses my path has support, love and warmth.

I believe children should all experience happiness, food, drinks and shelter. They should have the right to feel protected, secure, and deserve a sense of stability. I feel strongly that children are all entitled to experience inclusive family life that supports their identity and gives them a sense of belonging to develop into the people they wish to be. If I can give a child in my care a sense of just some of this, I will feel like I have done my job well. If and when a child leaves and I have not achieved this, at least I can say I tried.

I was approved in January 2017 and have provided respite support to looked after children so far. I have really enjoyed my experiences and time with the children I have supported, and look forward to working with Capstone’s placements team to provide a more stable environment for the children in need living amongst our communities.

If you like I, have reached a stage in your life whereby you are considering retirement or a change of career then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Capstone to make a positive difference to a child or teenager’s life.

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