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Trauma Burps: A poem about the complex experience of trauma

3rd November, 2020

Sarah Dillon who is the Head of Therapeutic Leads, National Association of Therapeutic Parents has written a thought-provoking poem depicting trauma reactions as Trauma Burps. The poem gives a little simplified glimmer into the complex experience of trauma, a must read for all foster carers or those who have experienced trauma in the past.

Trauma Burps

I’ve got a tricky problem

I call it Trauma Burps

and say some nasty words

They come up from my tummy


They burped out to my teacher

Cos she was in my way

Now I’ve got detention

But I feel too scared to stay


The Head asked why I do it and I said


She said I need to STOP IT

And now I want to cry


I don’t dislike my teacher

but her glasses make me wobble

That’s why I called her ugly

And it’s gotten my in trouble


Trauma burps are awful

You don’t know when they’ll happen

The adults say I’m ‘naughty’

And that makes me want to slap em


Maybe I have got them

Cos I’m rotten kid

I didn’t mean to say it

But the teacher said I did


Deep down in my tummy

I feel those dreaded burps

So mum said she would help

As they may be from past hurts


She gave me a big cuddle

And I felt the burpies pop

Perhaps I might believe

She can help to make them stop


She thinks I got the trauma burps

When I was very small

And they bounce round in my tummy

Especially at school


She’s going to tell the teacher

I’m not a ‘naughty lad’

I didn’t mean to say it

And burps are when I’m sad


If you would like share any stories or poems you have written, you can contact our friendly team here.

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