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Fostering in Derby with Capstone Foster CareCapstone is actively seeking foster carers in Derby. In 2016, there were more than a thousand looked after children in the city and across Derbyshire. As with most children and young people taken into care by local authorities, they came into the care system for a variety of reasons, with abuse and neglect being the most common.

Finding more carers in this region can change the lives of these vulnerable children in a dramatic and positive manner. If you are the type of person who has a passion to make a difference to the lives of young people, talk to us.

If belonging to a team that feels more like a family is what you’re after from your fostering agency, then Capstone Midlands is the agency for you. We have a friendly recruitment team to guide you through the process of becoming carers in Derby.

Alison Williams from our Midlands recruitment team is the person to contact if you have an enquiry about becoming a foster carer. Alison is based in our regional office and you can contact her on 0800 012 4004. She is able to answer all your questions about becoming a foster carer with Capstone Midlands as well as provide advice on the process.


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More About Capstone:

Meanwhile, here is a bit of information about Capstone and our operation in the city of Derby and the wider county of Derbyshire. We are based in our Leicester (East Midlands) office, which is a sub-office of our main Midlands base in Birmingham. We work with both Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council to provide excellent quality placements to kids in need in their regions.

The way that placements work is that the local authority responds to situations where children are deemed to be at risk and assesses their home situation. Based on this assessment, the authority takes the kids into care and decides whether an emergency or short-term placement is required. Perhaps the placement needs to be long-term and that can be determined at the time they are removed from their homes or it may be decided over time.

In any case, the next step is to find a placement for the children. Like many local authorities in the UK, they often turn to independent fostering agencies such as Capstone, which specialises in finding, training, and supporting excellent carers.

Are you based in this area? Do you have a spare bedroom available? Are you able to offer the time, patience and commitment required to look after a vulnerable child? If you would like to become a foster carer, we would love to hear from you.

You can enquire online by submitting an enquiry form, or by sending an email. Otherwise Alison is the initial point of contact for those interested in fostering and joining Capstone as a foster carer. Contact her (0121 374 2650). After an initial phone conversation, we’ll be happy to come out and visit your home to discuss fostering further.

Your Local Office:

Your local Capstone office is located at Beaumont Enterprise Centre, 72 Boston Road, Leicester, LE4 1HB.

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