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Contact your local fostering Reading team if you would like to know more on 0118 322 4360. Send us an enquiry form today so we can get in touch with you. You can also keep up to date with our events and news by joining our Facebook page.

Fostering with Capstone

Are you looking to foster in Reading?

Capstone Foster Care is actively seeking foster carers in Reading and across the Thames Valley. Local authorities are looking to place children and young people with carers in these areas.

If you think of fostering and taking care of babies, here is something that is important to know. In the South East, the majority of the children in care are 10 years old and older. There are babies in care but in recent years, they are mostly part of a parent and child placement.

One of the first requirements of people who are interested in being foster parents is that they have a spare room for the child in care. As often as not, a child taken into care is part of a sibling group and this requires a separate room for each child.

Other than having the space for a child, potential foster parents should have common sense and an interest in caring for children. Your background, marital status, skill set, and education are not factors.

If you are interested in being a foster carer in Reading and throughout the Thames Valley, Capstone is eager to recruit you. We are looking for experienced carers who are able to make a difference in the lives of children who need foster care.


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Capstone Foster Care is a well established independent fostering agency with 16 offices across England and each office maintains the family friendly feel. The intimacy of the small local office coupled with the resources and expertise of a national agency means that we provide our carers the best of both worlds.

Once you make an application, our fostering service’s Form F assessors follow the application process. You will have meetings with a Capstone social worker. The final assessment is provided to a Panel, which makes the ultimate decision to approve the carer.

Placements begin with local authorities and councils such as Reading Borough Council. These are the entities that take children into care and who are responsible for finding appropriate foster homes. While some placements are made through the councils and local authorities, in recent years, independent agencies like Capstone carry out recruitment and training.

Capstone has an outstanding reputation for working with its foster carers, providing above average financial support, and arranging for a solid foster carer network. A supervising social worker is always available to respond to urgent issues.

Wokingham in Berkshire has been touted as the best place in England to bring up children. Slough in Berkshire has been considered the most ethnically diverse town in the United Kingdom. London is the most ethnically diverse area in the United Kingdom but it is a city.

These are examples of the places where foster carers are needed. The best place in England still needs people interested in becoming carers because there is no specific profile for the towns where children are taken into care. Slough is typical of the type of town where we need a range of ethnicities to care for children.

Please contact Capstone Foster Care for further information about becoming a foster carer. Contact us on 0118 322 4360 or simply click here.


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