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Foster Carer Handbook

When you become a foster carer with Capstone Foster Care, among the support, service, and information that is part of our overall interaction with our carers, you will receive a working handbook for foster carers from your supervising social worker. Because Capstone is committed to providing the best possible home environment for our carers and our looked after children and young people, we make all efforts to ensure that our foster carers have access to high quality information.

The foster carers handbook is part of the inclusive training that foster parents receive. It is a great way for Capstone to outline clear, concise guidelines about all policies and procedures involved in fostering work. One of the reasons it is often referred to as a working handbook is that it is constantly updated to reflect any changes in policies and procedures.

Maintaining a handbook is part of ensuring that our foster care is consistent in looking after children and young people in our care. Children in foster care are also provided with a handbook that aims to ease their transition into foster care and help when they are being placed with new or different families.

The handbook for children and young people ensures them that Capstone will make all efforts to see that time spent with foster carers is a positive experience. The book makes it clear that the child does not have to discuss his or her wishes and feelings with the foster carer and provides information on how the child can speak to their own social worker or a supervising social worker from Capstone Foster Care.

The children’s handbook also makes it clear that if there is anybody the child feels should know where he or she is living there are ways that this can be arranged.


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Foster carers are provided with all the support that they need and if they have any questions, Capstone is available to provide advice and high quality support and information. The handbook provides guidance on where to obtain necessary information. For instance, it is important that carers receive as much information as possible from the local authority supporting the child in placement.

It is the local council that makes the initial contact with children who need to be taken into care and it is Capstone that liaises with the foster family. The three entities – local authority, Capstone, and the carer – form a partnership.

It is good practice to have a clear and concise guide to Capstone’s policy, the terms of the arrangement between the members of the partnership, and a statement of the principles, standards, and regulations underlying the important role of safeguarding children’s interests. The handbook is an easy reference for those times when a foster carer needs to prepare a report, fill out forms, has questions about adoption, or wishes to search for useful fostering services. If you have any questions that are not covered in the handbook, please contact us.

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