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We have been operating in the North West for over a decade, and we have an experienced social work and admin team who will work with you during the fostering process. We also have a committed and valued family of foster carers who enjoy planning events together and support each other on their journey.

Why choose Capstone Foster Care?

We are an independent provider, and we are known for the extra support we can offer, which can be more than the fostering teams from local authorities. We will nurture you, from initial visit through the assessment process and panel, into becoming a foster carer.

Training and support

We provide training and support to anyone who is thinking of becoming a registered foster carer. As part of our service we will train you to an outstanding standard so you can gain the skills needed to support children and young people to feel safe during a difficult time in their lives.

Our agency also offers specialist training because the children we are being asked to support often have challenging behaviours or specialist needs. Young people who have suffered trauma at home and are now in foster care may need extra support to help them come through a difficult time. With the support of a social worker, our foster carer can put together a care plan, to encourage a child to make positive progress.

Some of the young people we support are mothers and their babies. This is known as parent and child fostering. In this placement, a foster carer supports a parent to look after their infant, usually a new born. Find out more about parent and child fostering here.

Support groups happen regularly across the North West region. These sessions give foster parents the opportunity to come together to discuss their fostering journey with a group of foster carers who can relate and give advice about fostering.

Who are we looking for

Foster carers come from all walks of life, backgrounds and ethnicities. In the North West we are looking for a diverse range of people. Some of the essential things you need to have if you are thinking of fostering are:

  • A spare bedroom
  • Time and energy
  • Flexibility
  • Willingness to support children and a caring nature
  • A sense of humour helps!

When we are recruiting carers in the north west, we need people or families who are able to offer help, support and time to children and young people in need of a family environment. A spare bedroom is essential so that a young person can have their own space in your home. You need to be flexible, and able to take time to go to meetings and training. It usually helps if you drive, so that you can get a young person to the meetings and contact with birth family as necessary, although if your public transport system is excellent we can review this.
The rewards

Fostering is a professional career and when a child is being a supported, allowances are paid to enable foster carers to focus on the task and provide what is necessary to the placements they are supporting. You will also be entitled to 14 days respite per year.
A fostering family usually talks about the rewards of being able to help a young person to thrive. You can hear more about the rewards in the short video below.

The benefits for you with Capstone include 24/hour support from our team, training, events, support groups and family days out. We also provide our foster carers with membership of FosterTalk which provides a wide range of services, including expert advice about finance, education, and discounts on a wide range of goods and suppliers.
Contact your local Capstone office

Our offices in the north west are based in Oldham, Preston and Barnsley and our recruitment team will be happy to support your fostering enquiry each step of the way. If you are interested in finding our more, please contact us today, or call 0800 012 4004, for a friendly chat about Capstone and our fostering services.

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