Tina (57) was working in a local community based Primary School at the time, when she happened to meet one of our members of staff at a computer shop – where they started to talk about fostering.

She had always thought about it and the way it could change somebody’s life and was invited to the next Skills to Foster training course that was taking place – with no pressure or obligation – just so she can get a bit more of an insight and understanding as to what fostering is about.

She then applied and to date she has had over 10 fostering placements (and counting!) and has been fostering since around 2007.

She’s always excited when she receives the call for a new placement as she’s eager to meet the young person and find out how she can help. She has always maintained that every child is different, “no two 6 year old children are the same! You really don’t know what’s behind that child and you need to approach each and every child with an open mind and try to be able to help.”

She also mentioned that some children get moved around until they find that one carer who they open up and feel comfortable with – that’s when the magic happens, and that is one of the most satisfying feelings ever!

She’s even had a child in care who was moved to another carer ring her and ask if she can help bring the child back under her care – as the child felt most comfortable with her! She knows exactly how to speak to children at all levels with an open mind and the best ways of approaching each and every placement.

If this sounds like you, and you have what it takes to foster, get in touch with us to find out if you can foster, or if you have any questions or need free advice. You can fill out the form by clicking here, or simply call us on 0800 012 4004 for the London office. All you need is a spare bedroom – we provide full training, support and a generous care allowance.

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