RoseWilliamsHello, my name is Rose. I am 58 years old and I live in the borough of Lewisham. I currently work from home as a Foster Carer.

Apart from raising my four daughters, my work experience has always been in the Care arena. While my children were still at school, I worked for many years as a Support Worker and for a few years as a Day Service Officer.

I always worked with people with learning disabilities of all ages and found it very rewarding; however, my real passion has always been for working with young children and it was with this in mind that I began work as a registered Child Minder. I enjoyed every minute that I spent working with the pre-school-aged children; it was like re-living my childhood days. I love the world of young children; their innocence and their non-judgemental approach to life… although, you need to be physically fit to keep up with them… they keep you young.
My decision to work as a Foster Carer came when I moved homes. My children had all fled the nest and circumstances such as the lay-out of the house made it impossible to continue child-minding. I also felt that it was the right time. Fostering was always something I had thought I would like to do when my children grew up. It was during a spell of unemployment, in 2014 that I came across the Capstone Foster Care stall at a job fair in Lewisham; I signed up with them and a few months later I was approved as a Foster Carer.

My desire to work as a Foster Carer began from my childhood because of the similar experiences that I had gone through. I decided to transfer whatever skills and experiences I had I gained throughout my , to fostering. My main desire is to protect children from physical as well as emotional and other types of abuses. I hope to provide a safe and nurturing environment where the children can live a balanced life, without fear of being harmed or ridiculed and to be accepted for who they are.

I have fostered two teenagers so far and I recently took in another young teenager. I have found fostering to be both interesting and challenging: it challenges and stretches your ability as a carer, while at the same time puts you on a learning curb. I try to make the new child feel at home when he/she first arrives and welcome them as part of the family. It has been sad to see the children leave but they know that they can call me on the telephone at any time for a chat or we could arrange to meet for a meal together.

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