NusretBashir-225x300Hi, my name is Nusret, I am 38 years old and I have been fostering with Capstone Foster Care since March 2016.

I currently work full time as a manager, my hours are flexible which means I am able to foster and work at the same time. My previous employment has been retail and banking. I had some experience when I was private fostering for a family member’s daughter who was aged 8 for a duration of two and a half years.

Fostering has always been a passion. I love to help people especially children. I wanted to do more for children, so I decided to become a foster parent.

I grew up without a dad, and my mum did a great job in bringing my siblings and I up. One of my passions has always been to be able to give someone else a good upbringing. So far I have had two emergency placements of a boy and a girl for five days each and I currently am fostering two sisters; aged 11 and 15. I love fostering as it gives me great satisfaction to make children happy and safe and to care for them.

I was nervous when looking back to my first fostering experience as I did not know what to expect. When my first placement left I was happy because I did the best I could for the young person while she was in my care, ensuring that she was safe, warm, fed, taken to school and that I was building a positive relationship with her. I also felt happy as she said she wanted to keep in contact with me and my family.

I decided to pursue this rewarding role and become a foster carer when the girl I was privately fostering was reunited with her family as I really missed looking after her and I wanted to continue looking after kids. I also had the great support of encouragement from my mum to make it happen.

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