To mark the month of Ramadan (May 2019), staff were invited to join Adam D,
Adam B and Rumana based at our Heywood office to fast on Tuesday 28th May 2019 and the response was amazing.

Adam D was inspired to invite his colleagues to take part after hearing that one of our Non-Muslim foster carers took the decision to fast for the whole 30 days alongside him to gain a better understanding of Ramadan means to Muslims.

Fasting started from sunrise (3am) and closed at sunset (9:20pm) which meant staff lasted without food and water for around 18 hours.

Staff joined in across the North and reflected on the day; how they enjoyed experiencing this together. There was a realisation that together they were able to manage something that previously had sounded very daunting.

The most touching message was from Vivienne based at our Bradford office; how she remembered fasting was her choice, and there are people around the world that unfortunately do not have the same privilege.

The organisers all provided Medjoul Dates, from the Middle East, to their colleagues to take home to break their fast.

Adam D said: “It’s been a true pleasure sharing this day with my colleagues and a lot of discussions have taken place not just today but throughout the month from colleagues to understand the beliefs and practice involved.”

Staff are looking to taking part in ‘Fast A Day’ in 2020 to support our foster carers and children who will be fasting next year.

On Friday 12th April, four staff members accompanied a group of 11 boys aged between 11-17 to the Challenge 4 Change, a fun day of activities. Staff from Capstone Foster Care identified the boys who would benefit from additional support while in their foster placements.

Challenge 4 Change helps individuals by enabling them to overcome barriers to their success. They help people build their confidence, and develop the tools and skills to help them through fun activities and more importantly to help them realise that they hold the key to their success – no one else!

Dean from Challenge 4 Change lead the group and within minutes of him introducing himself and chatting to the boys he had gained their full attention and respect. When the groups were doing the ground level team building activities Dean gave different boys an opportunity to become the team leader. It was brilliant to watch their confidence suddenly grow, being given this opportunity. The group soon bonded and began to listen to one another and work together as a team to achieve better results.

Dean gave an honest account of his past and the journey he had been on. Again, he fully captured the attention of the group and it was inspiring to hear. He most definitely made the impact we wanted and everyone will have taken something away from this.

The final part of the day was the high activities and the Leap of Faith! Wow… Even those who were petrified of heights overcame their fears through the encouragement they were given.

Overall, it was a fantastic day to remember and had a massive impact. It was an excellent way to raise the confidence of our young people in care and every single person achieved something. We were looked after from beginning to end by the Challenge 4 Change team who were brilliant and quickly had the trust and respect from all.

Thank you to Challenge 4 Change, you were amazing!



On the 29th November three of our team swapped their beds for sleeping bags to raise funds for the youth homeless charity Centrepoint. Sleep Out is Centrepoint’s flagship annual event, taking over the unheated Victoria Baths.

Sleep Out doesn’t aim to replicate what it’s like to be homeless, but it does give you an insight into the challenges faced by homeless young people: the biting cold; the lack of control; and the struggle to carry on with the next day on minimal sleep. Everyone who took part had a fundraising challenge to reach over £350 each.

Funds raised will support Centrepoint’s work in Greater Manchester. The charity began working in the region earlier this year, supporting 2,000 young people each year. Centrepoint provides practical support and advice for those at risk of homelessness, and helps young people to turn their lives around by gaining essential life skills, tackling physical and mental health issues and moving into education or employment.

The night started so well as the team arrived around 7.30pm and were provided with a nice warm meal followed by entertainment for the night.

Sharon, Jo and Sam found out more about Centrepoint and how they tackle youth homelessness and the effects it can have on the young people who have to cope with it daily.

The team took part in workshops about the work Centrepoint undertake and even had a bed time poem read to them from Louise Wallwein MBE. Louise was brought up in 13 different children homes and wrote her first play aged just 17. At 11.30pm it was time for bed and the temperatures began to plummet.

They had only taken a sleeping bag, minimal layers and a roll mat. Lights out happened at 12pm and they felt utterly disorientated once the darkness swept over them. Sleep seemed to elude the whole room with people turning and squirming on the cold marble floors. There was a great sense of vulnerability however, the crucial difference was normality was only a few hours away which is a far cry from those sleeping rough on the streets of Manchester every day.

By 6am the majority of the room began to stir, and the Capstone team all awoke feeling achy, tired and grumpy but this is all part of the unique experience of Sleep Out! Every day, thousands of people have to get through long days of work or learning, having spent the night sleeping outside or in a dangerous place.

The great news is our team from Capstone Foster Care managed to pass the target and raised £1,150.16 towards the fantastic work Centrepoint achieves. We’re thrilled to also say that the fundraising total so far from the night is £65,937!

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