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Welcome to Capstone

What is our Brand and Message?

Capstone has grown organically and by acquisition. Every organisation acquired has bought something new to our family, especially the knowledge, skills and passion of the people involved. People make the essential difference in our business.

Our brand is about harnessing all of that knowledge, skill and passion and focusing it to achieve a common goal, which is ‘Building brighter futures’ – for the children in our care, our members of staff, and you, our valued foster carers.

So, what is our brand and message? Well they combine to produce an idea in people’s minds of what Capstone represents and what we are instantly associated with:

  • Support
  • Local Offices
  • Care
  • Family Feel
  • Training
  • Professional Service
  • Expert Advice

Our brand and message should therefore encompass all these attributes, and cement them in people’s minds as soon as they hear our name or see our logo.


Our Values

During our recent rebranding process, we identified the key values that are important to us. These values may sound obvious, but to include their scope in the way we think about and deliver them, is an on-going process that is to be carefully considered.

1. Promoting excellent outcomes for children and young people building brighter futures into adulthood.

2. Putting safeguarding at the heart of the agency and making it everyone’s responsibility.

3. Investing in children leaving care, supporting transitions and access to opportunities.

4. An outstanding quality of service for foster carers (training, support, professionalism).

5. Listening, hearing and acting for those we support (advocacy).

6. Supporting and investing in our staff team to give their best.

Putting our brand into practice

Our values will support us to build brighter futures. These values are the essence of our identity and brand. We must always keep our values in mind when making key decisions.

By following these key values we work as a group in consistency to build brighter futures for everyone we support and ourselves.

Why we’ve evolved

It is important within any company to keep pace with a growing or developing market. As we have acquired new organisations, we have upheld the Capstone name and outlook. We have not become another company, we have simply grown, and we felt it was time that our image reflected that.

New logo

New Logo


Old Logo


During the process of re-evaluating our logo, it became clear that the growth and changes within Capstone Foster Care (and the sector in general) were not representative of where we want or need to be.

We retained the strongest elements of the logo, so that it was still recognisable as ‘us’, such as keeping the ‘building blocks’ and typeface – but modernised it to make it more contemporary, relevant and timeless.

The old strapline ‘Helping children rebuild their lives’ has also been improved to include a more positive and broader focus. ‘Building brighter futures’ looks forward, and includes everyone – the children and young people, you our carers and our staff alike. This also reinforces our strong family-feel and reputation to other stakeholders such as the local authorities that we work with.

Why Capstone Needs You

A large proportion, if not all of the messages we want to portray with our brand comes down to our staff, the people who form Capstone. Offering support, care, training and expert advice, being based in an office that is local and accessible, maintaining the family-feel and offering a professional service… that all comes down to us.

But, you our carers also form a huge part in communicating and delivering our brand, our messages, and our values in the quality of support and care that you offer.

With you, we are able to successfully deliver our strap line – Building brighter futures.

Thank you!

Regional Director, Capstone Foster Care