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Foster Carer Guides


Capstone Children's Guide
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Capstone Young People's Guide
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Statement of Purpose

Allegations Policy

Allowance – Pocket Money Policy

Allowance – Savings Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

Care Planning Policy 

Carer Assessment and Appointment Policy

Carer Recruitment Policy

Carer Retention Policy

Carers Charter

Carers Driving and Transporting Policy

Carers Inactive Policy

Carers Review and Termination of Approval Policy

Carers Supervision Training Support Policy

Charity Donations & Sponsorship Policy

Child Car Seats – Guidance

Child Sexual Exploitation Policy

Children Consultation Participation Policy

Children Sharing Rooms Policy

Complaints Concerns and Compliments Leaflet

Complaints Concerns and Compliments Policy

Confidentiality Data Protection Policy

DBS Policy

Delegated Authority Policy

Designated Backup Carer – Childminding- Babysitting Policy

Disability Benefits Policy

Disability Benefits Policy and Guidance

E Safety – Computer & Internet Safety Policy

Education Policy

Environmental and Sustainability Policy Updated

Equality and Diversity Policy

Escalation Policy

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Firearms, Shotguns, Ammunition Policy

Independence and Adulthood Preparation – Guide to Independence

Independence and Adulthood Preparation

Internet Checks as part of Assessment Policy

LA Check Policy

Managing behaviour Practice Guide

Medical Policy 15.03.17

Medication & First Aid

Missing From Care Policy

Missing From Care Risk Assessment and Action Plan

Out of Hours Policy

Parent and Child Policy and Guidance

Placement Planning and LA Documents Policy

QA policy

Radicalisation Policy

Recording and Reporting Policy

Restraint Policy

Safeguarding Children Policy

Sexual Health

Smoking Policy

Standard of Care Policy and Procedures

Staying Put FAQs

Staying Put Policy

Sustainability Policy

TSD Policy

Whistle Blowing and Raising Concerns Policy

Risk Management Policy Procedures and Forms

Bedroom Sharing Assessment

Fire Setting Risk Assessment

Missing from Care Risk Assessment (Groupwide)

Radicalisation and Extremism Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment for Capstone Activities with Children

Safer Caring Plan

Self-harm and Suicide Risk Assessment

Sexual Exploitation Risk Assessment Framework (SERAF)

Sexually Problematic Behaviour Assessment

Standard Risk Assessment

Violent Incident Record

Other Guides – Carers Handbook

01 Introduction to the Carer Handbook

02 INDEX for Carer Handbook 2014

Accidents, Incidents and Events

After Panel and the First Year of Fostering


Allegations Annual Review

Anti-Bullying and Harassment

Behaviour Management

Care Plans, Reviews and Visits

Child Protection Action Summary

Child Protection Body Map

Child Protection Guidance and Procedure

Child Protection Investigations

Child Social Worker

Children who Foster – for Children

Children who Foster – for Parents

Children with Disabilities


Computer and Internet Safety Guidance

Confidentiality and Data Protection


Contacting Capstone

Dangerous Plants Eaten by Children

Delegated Authority


Drugs and Substance Abuse

Education Guidelines

Education Matters

Emergency Placements

Finance – Carer Payments and Expenses

Finance – Fostering Fees and Allowances

Foster Carer Rights

Foster Carer Task Description

Going to Court

Health and Hygiene

Health and Medication Policy and Guidance

Health and Safety


Home Responsibilities Protection NI credits

Hospitality and Gifts I

llegal Sexual Activities


Mentoring and Support Groups

Missing From Care Procedure

On Call

Parent and Child Arrangements

Placement Endings

Placements and Matching

Pocket Money Allowances

Police – When to Call

Police Investigations


Respite Carers



Risk Assessment and Taking Risks

Safer Caring and Emergency Strategies

Safer Caring Guidance

Seat Belt Safety

Sickness and Emergencies


Staying Put and Independence

Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires

Supervision and your Supervising Social Worker

Support Services (Therapy Education)

Swimming Pools

Training, Professional Development and TSD


Fostering Handbook North
Fostering Handbook Midlands
Fostering Handbook South East
Education Guide