Capstone Carer Steve volunteers with looked after children

Hi my name is Steve Baker and many years ago Carole my wife and I spoke about becoming foster carers but unfortunately we ran our own business and the time never seemed to be right.

In 2013 things changed and we went through the Fostering process and became Foster carers in 2014.

In 2017 I contacted Route1 independent visitors to find out how to become a volunteer for a young person, I attended the training which was 45 hours in total and this was held in Frome, whilst i was doing the training i felt that all the courses we had done whilst going through the Fostering process really helped.

I looked into the volunteering by reading up on the internet and thought that it would be nice to offer some of my time to a young person.

I have been with a young person now for several months and I see him once a week, I like to see him once a week as I feel if you leave it too long between times, it is hard to make a good bond with the young person. As everything, relationships are built on trust. I pick up the young person from school then drop him back to his carers after a few hours.

Fostering is very similar to being a volunteer but with the fostering its 24 hours a day and over time you build the trust element a lot quicker, being a volunteer you only see the young person once a week so it takes a lot longer. I feel the most important thing what ever you do is to be consistent and just be there to listen if they ever need you.

Route1 are very organised and the training programme was excellent, I am currently mentoring a 10 year old boy who loves life, he enjoys sports and is very intelligent to talk to. I enjoy taking him out, and its nice for him to build up a relationship with me and know he has got someone he can put his trust in if he chooses to do so.

I think that mentoring is very rewarding and i think people should look into it if they have the time to spare. I have read many stories of how mentors have made a difference to young looked after children lives, and what they have achieved, if I can offer this to my young person and help them along the way to reach some of those goals then I think my time spent is invaluable and makes it all worthwhile.

Capstone would like to thank Steve and show our appreciation for being a fantastic Foster Carer and Volunteer in the community. If you feel inspired by Steve’s story and would like more information about fostering click here. Or would like to recognise and get involved in fostering your community find out more here.

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