Well done to ‘B’, who completed the Inflatable 5K at Westpoint, Exeter last weekend. B is looked after by foster carers Neil & Denise.

B heard that the 5k Inflatable Obstacle Run was coming to Exeter! The course was going to be packed with some of the largest and most extreme inflatables that would let you flip, bounce & boing your way around an incredibly fun 5k course! B spoke to Neil who thought this was a fantastic idea so booked it straight away. Neil’s son Adam also wanted to join in the fun as he loves this kind of activity.

Neil said, “We are all still kids. Some of us are bigger than others but we all love the thrill of climbing over something without our parent’s consent, getting downright sweaty and being rewarded with something at the end of the day”.

B commented, “I used to think I wouldn’t be able to do anything like this and now look at what I can do”.

It was such humid and hot day but B, Neil and Adam smashed this challenge in just under an hour – great team work! B was laughing at Neil as he had to wait for Neil to catch him up at each station! B had such an amazing day and as a bonus the boys all got a medal and a T-shirt as a reward.b5kchallenge-1

a race for lifeWhen A’s PE teacher organised the Race for Life event, A wasn’t too keen to run around a big field 10 times (5km).  A’s foster carers, Lisa & Kevin, helped her to start the fundraising process and explained that the money was to help to fight a nasty disease that affects alot of people. Lisa & Kevin named some people who they know who have been affected by cancer and A was soon very keen to do the challenge to help these people.

A said: “The Race for Life was really hard but I did enjoy it!  I liked stopping to help the little ones because it’s even harder for them.”

Lisa and Kevin said: “We are super proud of A!  She tried something new, she really enjoyed herself, she has helped to raise £155 for a great cause.  The best thing for us though is to see that she is beginning to feel good about herself and her achievements and that is a wonderful thing!”

Capstone support and encourage their fostering families, children and staff to get involved with charities close to their hearts. On this occasion Capstone, matched A’s donation to take the total to £310 – Well done A!

Elaine Leitch, Regional Director, added “It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful acts of kindness and commitment our carers, children, young people and staff show towards giving their time up to support others and make a difference – Well done A, this is such a great achievement”.

Lisa & Kevin wanted to thank everyone who has supported A, to sponsor her please donate to A’s school’s Just Giving page.



purdyPurdy, Senior Practitioner, from Capstone South West, took part in the ‘Race for life’, 5K running challenge in Plymouth. Purdy wanted to help raise funds to continue research and ensure more women survive in future.

Purdy said: “My dear friend “X” is a survivor thanks to the treatment and care she received. I want to raise money for this worthwhile cause to benefit others, whilst also getting myself fitter and healthier in the process!!

Purdy had every excuse not to run when her friend asked if she would like to join her for the couch to 5k training in Plymouth a couple of years ago….

“I was too overweight, asthmatic, hadn’t run for over 30 years, given birth to 4 children and was now a grandmother, conversely, she was younger than me, and had run a couple of half marathons… She replied- “so are you coming?” I laughed as I realised that I had run out of excuses. I wheezed, limped and walked for a while, and broke into a bit of a run to start with-sweating profusely at the effort!!”

Purdy continued, “Today I love to run with Pauline Beare who is my absolute inspiration and a great feminist. She was responsible for setting up the Women’s Running Network, and she continues to encourage women that they “CAN”. She won’t mind me saying that she is 63 years of age and has had bilateral knee transplants.”

Purdy added, “A massive “Thank You” to everyone at Capstone- here’s the evidence that I completed the Race for Life for Cancer Research. Thank you for all the contributions and your support. It was a very hot morning, but the atmosphere and sense of solidarity was amazing.”

Purdy’s Just Giving page is still open for those who would like to contribute:




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