On Thursday 22nd August, our North Devon Carers and their children enjoyed a lovely picnic and play at Braunton Burrows.

The Burrows are like a desert to play in, with enormous sand dunes that our youngest participant (aged 4) was kindly helped to scale by the other children. The eldest (aged 16) was able to show us what a helpful, caring and patient person he has grown into, which was lovely to see.

Anna, our Placement Stability Practitioner commented “The event was fantastic because we were able to get together children and families that have supported each other through respite and regularly get the children together to support contact arrangements. The children made new friends and enjoyed charging around in the wide open space, showing how their confidence continues to grow and how the wonderful care they are receiving is helping them to shine.

It was also great to spend the day with our North Devon carers who have all played an important part in keeping sibling groups close together, sharing the joy in seeing the children’s lives become more settled.”




My name is Lara, I am a currently studying Social Work at Plymouth University and Capstone Foster Care has been my final practice placement. At Capstone I have been made to feel valued and part of the team, while encouraged to develop my knowledge around attachment and the effects of childhood trauma.

The priority at Capstone is improving the lives of children and young people through finding them stable and nurturing placements. I have had the opportunity to take part in the many training opportunities offered to staff and foster carers, on a variety of subjects to support reparative parenting.

A highlight of my time at Capstone has been working with our foster carers and the young people they support. I have enjoyed meeting talented, resilient young people who are achieving their goals and making plans for their futures.

Through a lot of hard work, commitment and compassion foster carers are providing children with a nurturing environment in which children and young people can thrive. Working with a team of child-focussed social workers and foster carers has been a fantastic opportunity in my professional development.

On the 15th April our Devon carers and children had a get together at Crealy Family Park. Capstone have held this type of event over the Easter period for 3 years now, and this year proved yet another great success with children making new friends and carers meeting and supporting each other with advice and friendship.

The Easter Egg hunt was fun and through some fantastic team work clues were solved and each of the children received an egg from the gigantic (but not scary) Easter Bunny.

You cannot understate the value these events have for our children… Knowing they are not the only ones living in foster care and that other children have shared experiences too can be very therapeutic and a lot of fun!  The event enabled our children to meet up, some of whom had been on respite together previously – it was the perfect opportunity to see friendships flourish.

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